Metro Manila Development Authority (MMDA) constables have been in the news lately. From MMDA constables selling “kakanin” (street food) — while in officer’s uniform — to last years altercation with an arrogant driver. And yesterday, a war freak Maserati sports car driving dude beat up another MMDA constable. Let me get this out of the… Read More

I like it to be simple and focus on the main thing. And for me, the gospel is the main thing. Even how common we hear about the gospel, we often miss it out by cluttering it with the trivial things and religion itself. So, here’s what I believe is the pure gospel. Everything that… Read More

I’ve been using Subversion for years for my code versioning needs. Lately, I’ve been using Git more often. But I still have a bunch of SVN repositories. The task: migrate everything to a private Git repo. There’s the geeky, harder way. There’s the easier, hacky way. I choose the hacky way anytime of the day.… Read More

I haven’t been posting on this blog for more than a couple of years now. Things change, life happens. And blogging was fun, and still is — but needs to take a back seat for more important stuff. This is my first blog ever. So it does occupy a special space in my heart. Hopefully… Read More

I'm used to reading predictions before an Apple product — say, a new iPhone or iPad — comes out. And it's always fun.  So, after watching this impeachment trial for 5 months and now coming to end, here's my fearless forecast of how individual senators will vote tomorrow. I will update this post later to… Read More