PNoy deserves our respect. He earned it.

Some of the few things against President Noynoy Aquino during his ‪#‎SONA2015‬:

1. Always referencing Gloria and her mistakes
2. Grabbing credit from previous administration’s programs.
3. Never admitting his mistake

In fairness to this President, hindi ko naman narinig sa SONA nya na inaangkin nya lahat ng ideas. In fact, the “Pantawid Gutom” program started with Gloria. What he was emphasising is the efficient implementation of programs sans what we have grown accustomed to — corruption. The pantawid gutom program has grown since then, efficiently without corruption.

Kaya I understand kung palaging may reference kay Gloria. It’s a communication technique. Highlighting the good as against what was previously bad. He has to highlight the difference so we’ll get to love what we have now and never return to what was. Yan kasi ang gusto nyang maging legacy, his fight against corruption.
He also did say that he’s not perfect. And we should not assume that he is. I do see several obvious mistakes. But then, we can’t also expect him to enumerate his mistakes in his SONA. Let’s be honest — mukha naman yata hindi bagay yon. Let the people judge if his mistakes overshadowed the good things his administration has been doing.

But I get it why some people hate him. Ganon talaga eh. We’ll never be contented. And it’s a good thing in a lot of ways. I just hope that we’ll give this Administration the credit that is due them. For sometime now, we finally have a president that we can respect. Let’s give respect. He is, in the first place OUR president.

Easter Sunday — it’s for you whether you like it or not


IF YOU’RE A FOLLOWER OF JESUS, there will be times in your life where you’ll feel troubled, burdened, even depressed. Remember however, that your savior is not dead. He is alive today — loving you, caring for you and walking with you through hard times.

IF YOU’RE SORT OF A FOLLOWER OF JESUS, remember that Jesus is alive today, he’s not a joke. He demands full commitment, not half-heartedness. Either you follow him or not at all. If he’s truly alive today, you should take that seriously.

IF YOU’RE NOT A FOLLOWER OF JESUS, what we celebrate today also affects your life. You might want to consider, if what we claim is not true, we’re just a bunch of lunatic. And with the rest of the people who lived from 2000 years ago, you have the right to laugh at us. However, if what we believe truly happened — that our Master has risen from the dead, it has eternal implications. He claims that he is the way, the truth and the life, and that no one comes to the father except through him. You then have to decide whether to believe him or not.

50 Shades From a Man and a Dad

My wife has some very wise words about telling people — kids and girls in particular — against watching the recent blockbuster “Fifty Shades of Grey”: they probably will be more curious and will want to watch it even more! And, newsflash! they probably have done so already.

So, since you most likely have seen the movie, here are some of my few thoughts as a man and a dad:

– What if Christian Grey is Mang Pandoy, the tricycle driver? Not cool. Not very cool. Being rich and cute doesn’t make abusive sex (or BDSM) cool.

– And, if you think “rich” and “cute” is a good catch, think again. Money can be earned. Pogi-ness can be learned. Both qualities can only allow you a few months into a relationship before it wears off and become unnoticeable. But respect, godliness and truthfulness are for the long haul. I always tell this to the singles at our church: don’t settle for less. You are far more valuable as a child of God to settle for anything less than a godly, honorable man that you deserve.

– Christian Grey needs some serious counseling. And if you find him cool, you need some, too. Seriously. I’m saying that without any trace of sarcasm, rather with honest concern.

– Yes, signing a contract before having sex is cool. The one you sign in front of your relatives and friends. But I’m not just talking about a typical contract. I’m talking about a covenant. The one you agree to “bond” you together for better or for worse in front of God. You know where I’m going with this.

– Sex is fun. Sex should be fun. But, I’m saying this as a married man and a dad to girl that will soon be a lady in a few years and not as a youth leader or counselor: wag muna, wait until you’re married. The fear, guilt, shame and uncertainty is not worth it.

A few related, very useful links:

Here’s a message series we did at LifeChurch, a Christian Church in Makati CBD about love and sex – “Love Song“. Watch the videos. Your 30-minutes will be well worth it.

A Psychiatrist’s Letter to Young People About 50 Shades of Grey – I thought this one is a very informed advice from a professional.

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