I haven’t been posting on this blog for more than a couple of years now. Things change, life happens. And blogging was fun, and still is — but needs to take a back seat for more important stuff. This is my first blog ever. So it does occupy a special space in my heart. Hopefully… Read More

I'm used to reading predictions before an Apple product — say, a new iPhone or iPad — comes out. And it's always fun.  So, after watching this impeachment trial for 5 months and now coming to end, here's my fearless forecast of how individual senators will vote tomorrow. I will update this post later to… Read More

Sad to hear the news today that Robin Gibb, one third of the popular BeeGees 70's group passed away today. I'm a fan of their music. I'm not that old, but at least I know my dad loves this group the way I loved Eraserheads. However, you'll know the greatness of one's music if they… Read More

While meditating on Craig Groeschel’s message at LifeChurch Makati last Easter Sunday, I posted a simple yet profound question on Facebook. I said, “God is not fair, don’t you think so?” And sure, I did receive some very personal, very interesting and others, heartbreaking responses. Check out the link to see what I’m talking about. … Read More

Yep, I’m late, but I finally saw the super viral KONY 2012 — I’m probably the 85th million to see this. I’m not going to deal with the details, but I took notice of some related information about effective communication. 1. To get people into action, you need to effectively communicate the problem. They did… Read More