2 Leadership Podcasts you should listen to as a business leader

Successful business leaders rarely attribute their achievements to a single source. They gather insights from a diverse array of experiences. Some gain their skills through trial and error, others learn from mentors, and many draw inspiration from books and articles. But in today’s fast-paced digital world, there’s another powerful resource at our fingertips: podcasts.

I should know; my own leadership journey developed alongside my tech startup in the early 2000s. However, the most transformative leadership lessons didn’t come from the corporate sphere but from an unexpected source: a local evangelical church.

Non-Profit Leadership: The Ultimate Training Ground

Leading a non-profit organization is fundamentally different from leading a business. You can’t leverage salaries and promotions to motivate people; instead, you must inspire volunteers who believe deeply in your mission. This means:

  • Casting a compelling vision: Volunteers must connect with the WHY of your organization.
  • Leading by example: Your actions and integrity must embody the change you wish to see.
  • Conflict resolution: You’ll navigate interpersonal dynamics without the usual HR mechanisms.
  • Unwavering commitment: Your passion must be infectious as dedication isn’t financially rewarded.

This unique environment forces you to develop a nuanced understanding of influence, motivation, and effective communication. The leadership skills honed in a non-profit are directly transferable to the cutthroat corporate world, where building strong teams and a shared vision are equally essential.

Lessons from 2 Non-Profit Leaders

While navigating the challenges of non-profit leadership, I turned to podcasts. Two stood out amongst the rest: The Craig Groeschel Leadership Podcast and the Andy Stanley Leadership Podcast. These leaders might hail from the church world, but their insights are universal, providing invaluable lessons for anyone in a position of authority.

1. The Craig Groeschel Leadership Podcast

Craig Groeschel is the founder and senior pastor of Life.Church, a multi-site church with locations across the United States. It’s known for its innovative use of technology and outreach.

Under his leadership, Life.Church has become one of the largest churches in America. He’s a sought-after speaker and best-selling author on leadership and personal development.

Groeschel’s podcast offers concise, actionable leadership tips delivered with a mix of sincerity and humor. Episodes cover topics such as time management, decision-making, building high-performing teams, and navigating difficult seasons.

Groeschel’s relatable style and real-world examples provide takeaways you can directly apply to your business. His emphasis on developing yourself as a leader will help you cultivate the self-awareness and emotional intelligence crucial for success.

2. The Andy Stanley Leadership Podcast

Andy Stanley is the founder and senior pastor of North Point Ministries, a network of churches near Atlanta, Georgia. He’s a respected author and communicator focusing on practical applications of faith.

Stanley has built one of the most influential churches in the US. He’s recognized for his clarity and ability to make complex leadership principles understandable.

Stanley’s podcast delivers wisdom gained from his decades of leadership experience. Episodes delve into communication, navigating change, building trust with your team, and making values-driven decisions.

Stanley challenges you to think critically about your leadership style. His insights highlight the importance of defining your core values and letting them guide your actions, no matter the circumstances.

Daily Leadership Mentors

Both Craig Groeschel and Andy Stanley offer profound lessons applicable across industries. By making their podcasts part of your routine, you gain access to world-class leadership mentoring without ever leaving your desk (or car, or gym!). Find their podcasts on Spotify and Apple Podcast.

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