Katrina Halili and Hayden Kho sex scandal

Ok, I’m sorry to have disappointed you. I’m obviously just riding on some Google juice. I don’t have the link to that famous sex scandal that you’re looking for. Sorry. But now that you’re here, can you click on some of my other blog posts? :D

And, also, let me just say, too, that while is really cool to download that video, in the long run it won’t help you. I know that, because I’m a man myself. I know how our minds work. The images will play in our heads and it will mess you up.

I know people are angry at Hayden Kho for this stupid thing that he did. You can show your anger by not downloading the video of this freak.

Ako Mismo… hindi i-dadownload ang sex video nila Katrina Halili at Hayden Kho.

Martin’s excuse

First of all, let me state where I am as a Filipino on this issue: Martin Nievera did really well in singing our National Anthem during the Paquiao-Hatton fight in Las Vegas, Nevada. As a Filipino, seeing him sing the anthem with class, with passion and with energy — it makes me proud.

The guy is under tremendous pressure right now as some think he did our anthem injustice when he created an arrangement that is, according them, against what the law prescribed.

Well, it’s just me, but I simply think that we all need to grow up.

Now, having said that, I don’t think Martin needs to make an alibi for doing his choice of arrangement. But in today’s column at Philippine Star, he does seem to make one. This time, he said, it was Robin, his eldest son’s mistake. Or something like that. Oh, well, not really blaming his kid. Nonetheless, I don’t think it’s really needed.

In my opinion, let’s just leave the guy alone. He kicked Sir Tom Jones’ ass during that night. It’s enough for me.

BB Gandanghari: The arrogance called “human rights”

It’s all over the news and the blogsphere — BB Gandanghari was denied entry to Aruba Bar because he is a cross-dresser. While the rest are crying foul, let me point out 2 huge mistakes in his point of view:

1. BB Gandanghari said it is his right to enter Aruba Bar even if it’s against their “No Cross-dressing” policy. Denying entry is a violation of his human rights.

Let me remind him that his right ends when another right is violated. Aruba, as a business, also has their own rights. As a small business owner myself, I know how hard it is to make a marketing plan, to create a vision for your company and to actually try to reach that vision. Every businesses has their own strategies. If any bar will deny entry to all MEN because they want to have their bar to be an all WOMEN club, will you say it’s discrimination? Or will you call it business strategy?

The problem with BB Gandanghari is that he thinks he can do everything he wants under the guise of human rights. I’m all for equality, but I’m against arrogance.

2. He said, “I dressed up as a woman because I am a woman. If I dressed up in a masculine way, that would be the time that I would be crossdressing. “

He must have been cross-dressing himself for almost the entirety of his life as a Rustom Padilla!

He may choose to be gay, and I certainly respect that. But you can’t change the rules just because you want it to fit your preferences. You’re not a woman simply because you feel like a woman. In our society, we have people to protect and rules to follow. You’re still a man because National Statistics Office says you are. You’re still a man because physiologically speaking, you are. You cannot demand a business to accept you and treat you as a woman because you are not. And I think even gays will admit that they are “gay” — a man with a different sexual preference — and not a woman per se.

So, just go ahead and post your hate comments. Let me remind you, though, that I’m not gay-bashing. I respect them. I respect their preferences. I just hate arrogant people.