PNoy deserves our respect. He earned it.

Some of the few things against President Noynoy Aquino during his ‪#‎SONA2015‬:

1. Always referencing Gloria and her mistakes
2. Grabbing credit from previous administration’s programs.
3. Never admitting his mistake

In fairness to this President, hindi ko naman narinig sa SONA nya na inaangkin nya lahat ng ideas. In fact, the “Pantawid Gutom” program started with Gloria. What he was emphasising is the efficient implementation of programs sans what we have grown accustomed to — corruption. The pantawid gutom program has grown since then, efficiently without corruption.

Kaya I understand kung palaging may reference kay Gloria. It’s a communication technique. Highlighting the good as against what was previously bad. He has to highlight the difference so we’ll get to love what we have now and never return to what was. Yan kasi ang gusto nyang maging legacy, his fight against corruption.
He also did say that he’s not perfect. And we should not assume that he is. I do see several obvious mistakes. But then, we can’t also expect him to enumerate his mistakes in his SONA. Let’s be honest — mukha naman yata hindi bagay yon. Let the people judge if his mistakes overshadowed the good things his administration has been doing.

But I get it why some people hate him. Ganon talaga eh. We’ll never be contented. And it’s a good thing in a lot of ways. I just hope that we’ll give this Administration the credit that is due them. For sometime now, we finally have a president that we can respect. Let’s give respect. He is, in the first place OUR president.