Visit Philippines 2015

Watching this video, I felt really bad. No, I felt guilty. With the line of beautiful places shown here, I probably visited and/or experienced only about 2 or 3. Not good especially if I live in the Philippines and is a Filipino.

Nonetheless, if you’re thinking about visiting a country this year, have the Philippines as part of your list. It’s one awesome place you’d surely enjoy. Watch this video and feel the excitement:

Remember, #VisitPH2015!

Happyslip is home!

Happyslip, one of the most popular YouTube personalities, is home. A Filipino-American who grew up in the US, she’s never been to the Philippines where her parents were born. (Incidentally, her dad came from my home province Nueva Ecija, so I learned).

Christine a.k.a. happyslip is popular for her humorous videos depicting mostly of her Filipino family heritage. I’m a fan, the lady is down -to-earth funny. For the first time, though, she cries on video.  Guess being home is overwhelming, eh.

She’ll be traveling across the archipelago with the Department of Tourism. I just think that this is the wittiest promotional activity that the government has done so far. Imagine millions of YouTube viewers across the globe (translation: potential tourists) watching her as she tours around the wonderful tourist destinations.

What’s an honorable job?

Over the holidays, I visited a childhood friend. We had a little chat and did some catching up.

The last 10 minutes of our conversation revolved around that one idea he popped up. He currently is a jeepney driver in Quezon City. He talked how he admired me for what I have achieved and wished that he is also “in the office doing honorable job”. The Filipino version of what he said is actually more striking, he said, “Sana mas marangal ang trabaho ko.

I asked him how much is he earning in a day. He said a good day would have him bring home around P600. I’m amazed, because as I told him, a regular office employee earns only P300-350 per day, answers to a nagging boss and has to be in the office at 8 am and leave only after 5 pm. That unlike him, they don’t own their time and certainly don’t own the business.

Lots of Filipinos leave for abroad because they thought life abroad is better. Maybe. Or maybe not. Some think lowly of a farmer and thinks that an office secretary is a better job.

I just think it’s all about perspective. A change in perspective creates a big difference in the way we live our lives and further, how people create impact in our country.

eBay Philippines and Paypal

eBay Philippines is serious about growing their operations locally. They have recently relaunched with a design facelift — even got actress/singer Jolina Magdangal as one of their front pages’ model. And, with the complete process offering of Paypal, the sister company, to local users, it has become even more interesting and exciting. Yesterday’s mass email from Paypal said:

Express Checkout – Up to 40%* increase in conversion rate on your site. Integrate Express Checkout on your site and increase your conversion rate up to 40%. It helps your buyers save time and pay fast using information they already have securely stored with PayPal.

We now have the missing link for active trading, an online payment processing system. I wonder how local auction sites will take eBay’s aggressive plans.