Miss “S”

I met her sometime this week. At a mall. 

The very first time I saw her, I  was drawn to her. She’s elegant and sexy. 

I introduced my self to her, and she to me through the help of a friend. We chattedfor a while. I tried to know things about her. 

Then I asked permission if I can wrap my hands around her. I know that was fast. But I can’t help it. And she gave me permission. So I did. Her face was shinny bright. Her skin so soft. 

She’s also intelligent. Talk about beauty and brain. She talks real fast! I mean, yeah fast. Unlike any girls you can see by the window.

I don’t know, am I falling in love?

I wanted to have her. But I wouldn’t. I couldn’t. I don’t have anything to offer in return. Maybe I’ll make myself comfortable by just looking at her. And meet her at the mall once in a while. 

When I went back to the office, I immediately told one of my best friends about her. And boy, he wanted to see her for himself. He even wants to dump off his current relationship for her. But I had to stop him. I told him, she probably isn’t worth it. But I know she’s worth far more than any outdated relationships. :D 

I grabbed one of her picture. (I later found out that she’s all over the internet and every one wants her). Scroll down…









Meet Miss “S”. The new SILVER (Aluminum) cased Macbook. With black keypad, it definitely looks elegant with the aluminum casing. Better than ever. You’ll lust for her. You’ll want her. Meet her in your nearest Apple stores (iStudio, PowerMac).

Macbook Air: Apple is finally wrong

A friend of mine called an iPhone a “glorified expensive brick”. I’m calling the new Macbook Air a “glorified mistake”. CrunchGear and Yuga agree.

I just think that Apple went too far with their excessive passion for beauty. Beauty without brain is a flower vase. And I just think that Apple sacrificed a lot of basic computing features to make a Macbook sexier as it is through Air. That’s coming from a Mac cult member, namely, myself.

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