Yes man?

Did you see the newest Jim Carey movie “Yes man“? We did.

The plot of the story: for you to enjoy life and be happy, say yes to everything that comes your way.

I’m a “yes man” and I’m unhappy about it.

– People tell me what to do. I say “yes”, almost every time.
– Even if I’m not sure about something, I would just say “Yes” because I wouldn’t want an opportunity to pass by.
– I hate to offend people, so I’d say “yes” because by saying “no”, they’ll be offended.

The net effect: I do more things with less results. Instead of learning from mistakes, I commit mistakes over and over again. I’m seriously like “a lady” for being a “yes man”. Because a true man can make tough decisions, reject what needs to be rejected and face whatever consequence it may bring.

I’m going to be “No man”. I’d say “no” if I mean “no”. I will make tough decisions — and people will be hurt, in the process. I will say sorry, but go ahead anyway. Saying “no” is tougher than saying “yes”.

I will be a “NO man”. Yes?