Love-hate relationship with Rackspace cloud

As I reported last week, we’re moving our entire online business to Rackspace Cloud after managing a VPS for almost 5 years.

The transfer has been running smoothly until I had a not so good experience with one of their support staff. I’m not going to say what it is — I don’t want to bad-mouth a company where my business will revolve around — but I just would like to say that maybe, their fanatical support being “fanatical” as advertised online and on their websites is a bit overrated.

Still, I think they are an awesome hosting company offering an innovative hosting solution. And while I was tempted to respond to offers given by other cloud hosting companies after I posted those couple of twits, I will stick with them and continue with my plan to have my web applications revolve around their cloud hosting.

Update: I did mention that I’m sticking with Rackspace Cloud and that even with the glitch, I still believe that they are an awesome hosting company.

This proves me right. The head of operations contacted me and insisted on working it out with me. Long story short, we came up with a middle road to take. While it may not be “all that I wanted”, I’m still happy for several reasons, two to name a few:

1) This proves that even how little a client is, Rackspace cares. I may just be one of their thousands of clients, but that didn’t matter to them. What matters, as I felt during our conversations, is that they sincerely want everyone satisfied with their service.

2) This attitude towards customer service and doing business as a whole inspires me. I mean, I’m a small technopreneur. I live (and die) for a satisfied client. I have to admit that my attitude towards some of my clients aren’t always positive. But with this experience with Rackspace, I learned that even the most irritating client needs to feel important. LOVE your clients, THE BUSINESS follows. Huge principle to live by.

Hosting on a cloud


This week, we jumped to cloud hosting, abandoning (well, about to) our VPS server hosting. Cloud hosting is, as I learned, the future of web hosting. For about a month, I’ve investigated Rackspace Cloud and I’m trilled to be migrating our entire business to them. I’m seeing a whole lot of new business opportunities with this move — something that I will try to announce later when it’s ready.

Here are my initial impressions with Rackspace Cloud:

1. Their Fanatical Support is rock solid awesome. Some hosting companies offer email support. They offer 24/7 chat and telephone support. I’ve been chatting with their staff each time I have questions. And they’ve been helpful. There’s nothing like knowing you have real people on stand by if you need help.

2. I’ve been transferring huge sites. Since they don’t allow shell access, I gzip my files, have them download it, and unzip it to my account. Pretty helpful.

3. This I still have to confirm: you can register domains through them for $10/year. I am about to register a bunch of .cc domain to which GoDaddy sells at $19/year and NameCheap at $29/year. Their support staff said, any kind of domain costs $10/year. If this is true, how cool would that be? Still have to confirm again, though. :)

All in all, the experience is pleasant. It’s kinda pricey at $100/mo. if you’re hosting just a domain or two. The solution’s primarily for web application/web development businesses. But, that’s why we’re coming up with a solution so you too can experience the cloud ;-)

Its going to be an exciting ride!