To my Adventist friends: An alternative view to 1st Qtr. 2009 Sabbath School Lesson

I received an email from Dirk Anderson, former owner of Adventists are talking about Ellen White this quarter through the Sabbath School Lesson Quarterly. He presents a website that gives an alternative perspective on this issue. For the purpose of balance study, I strongly suggest that you consider his letter below:

A few weeks ago someone alerted me about the SDA Sabbath School Quarterly. I read it and was very disappointed to see that so little has changed at SDA corporate headquarters.

I have a GREAT concern that Adventists are going to study this one-sided and biased quarterly, and based upon that “partial” information, will make a decision about Ellen White that could lead to years of pain and heartache. PLEASE HELP ME GET OUT THE TRUE STORY ABOUT ELLEN WHITE!

I have prepared an “alternative viewpoint” to the Quarterly, which SDAs can study, and even print out and take with them to Sabbath School to insure a lively discussion.

Please get the message out, on your web sites, in blogs, via e-mail, or however else. As always, I appreciate any feedback and suggestions. You are the best group of folks in the world and I appreciate you!

Here is the link to the material:

Thank-you and God bless you!

Brother Anderson