How will your 2009 go?

A lot are predicting the worst for 2009. The economy in decline, jobs are going down the drain. In times like these, wisdom such as that of Steve Larsen, veteran CEO and currently co-founder of Krugle is a sure encouragement:

“I think the doom and gloom crowd are getting too much airtime. Look for opportunities. Difficult times are when they’ll most likely occur. When we’re at ‘steady state’ and things are normal, good opportunities are much harder to find with GREAT opportunities nearly impossible. It is during periods of tumult and transition when you can spot things that lead to the greatest returns—if you are alert. So be alert.”

Should you be concerned with the recession?

The United States of America is in recession. Big companies filing bankruptcy. The latest was General Motors, the biggest car manufacturer in the country. Here in the Philippines, top CEOs project that 2009 will be the year for the country’s own recession. Should you be concerned?

If you’re an employee, or a student, or a housewife, thinking that this problem is just for the country’s economists or the businessmen to solve and you think you should not be concerned, think again.

If you’re an entrepreneur, you have a reason to be concerned. You may experience decrease in orders, or projects, because your clients will tighten belt and reduce spending. In effect, you will have nothing to pay for your overhead and, worse, you may close shop.

If you’re an employee, you have a reason to be concerned. You might loose your job tomorrow because your company may downsize or eventually close shop.

If you’re a student, you have a reason to be concerned because your dad can loose his job because of the downsizing. Who will pay your tuition, or the broadband internet you’re using to access your Multiply and Friendster account?

If you’re a housewife (or houseband), your have a reason to be concerned. If your working spouse looses his/her job, who will pay the rent and the bills?

If you plan to go abroad, good luck! You may loose your job just months after that company abroad starts purging employees and prioritizing their own citizen.

Recession is everyone’s problem. We all have a reason to be concerned.

In fearful times like this, the only way to live out of the fear is trust. Trust that God will lead you in every single day. In every twist and turn. In every disappointing hour. Jesus, through the ministry of the Holy Spirit, will inspire you to do exactly what is needed for the moment. This is the best time to come closer to him. To have that personal relationship become even more personal and intimate. Because the more closer to him we become, the clearer we hear his instructions in times of recession.

God, you caught our attention. Now, what do you want to tell us?