ABS-CBN’s T-Shirts are misrepresenting Pope Francis

I’m not part of Pope Francis’ organization, but I know enough about Roman Catholic doctrines to say that these ABS-CBN produced t-shirts are misrepresenting him. They probably get so excited  about his visit that they tried to produce catchy phrases that are supposed to represent his message. But nope, my Roman Catholic friends, Pope Francis didn’t say “No Religion…” just for the sake of embracing diversity. Or didn’t say be passive about the wrongdoings of your fellowmen in the  name of “acceptance”.

And even if he did say this, Jesus will disagree. He grew up a Jew and was the founder of Christianity. He was so exclusive that he even said he is the only way, the truth and the life, that no one comes to the father except through him. So let’s embrace diversity. But don’t use religion.

And yes, Jesus also did say it’s ok to judge. It’s in the Bible. ;)

Typhoon Ruby is what life is like

We’re almost there. Almost done with Typhoon “Ruby” (international name, “Hagupit”). As I contemplate on what happened in the past 3 days, I realized that typhoon Ruby, or any other storms are just like life:

In life, you will experience storms. It’s not a matter IF, it’s a matter of WHEN.

In life, sometimes, the hardships seem endless. But really, it’s not. Its just passing through and sunlight is soon to dawn.

In life, there really is no reason for us to not be prepared for an up coming problem and storm. Our parents and/or friends sometimes knew when a storm is about to hit. Sometimes because they’ve been there, or it’s just pure wisdom. Are you going listen? Or pride will sink you out? Our survival depends on how we respond to early warning from the people that love us.

In a typhoon, the “eye” is calm. In life, even if we’re in the very “eye of the storm”, we can still be calm if we know that there’s someone stronger than our problems control the storm. For most people, including myself, that person is Jesus. Even in the midst of a painful situation, Jesus’ life, death and resurrection is an assurance that there is so much bigger than my pains in life. And that gives me assurance and peace.

In life, storms can make you stronger to face bigger storms.

In life, picking up the pieces and starting all over again is probably the hardest but most fulfilling task. There is always hope for a new beginning.

Bloggers unite! – blogger Ella Ganda faces libel for being “too concerned”

In the midst of the Ondoy rush last year, one blogger made it to the lime light: Ella delos Reyes a.k.a “Ella Ganda” as her blog is named.

Philippine Daily Inquirer reports:

(DSWD Sec.) Cabral asked the NBI last year to investigate the identity of the blogger after reading a blog entry entitled “Aanhin pa ang damo kung patay na ang kabayo (What good is help that comes if it is too late),” posted on ‘Blog ni Ella’ on Oct. 21, 2009.

The former social welfare secretary claimed the blog entry contained “malicious imputations against her, the Department of Social Welfare and Development, and its employees.”

“The article alluded that she and the DSWD employees are corrupt, having diverted donated goods for personal gain at the expense of the typhoon victims and downright incompetent,” the NBI said in its referral.

A few things:

– I saw the blog during its height. There’s nothing libelous about it. The blogger stood with nothing to gain — other than the unsolicited fame the blog resulted from. If there was anything Ella was about during that time, she was sincerely bothered by the fact that people were hungry and homeless and without clothes and the government doesn’t seem to care.

– Sec. Cabral has an onion skin. As the saying goes, “If you can’t stand the heat, get out of the kitchen”

– This sends a chilling effect on bloggers. Blogging — and social networks — as we now know, is the future of media. It may not be as formal as the print or even TV, but I will argue that it’s the fastest and even more accurate source of information nowadays. Just take a look, for instance, on this report from PDI. It says, “It also checked with the hosting company of the domain name www.ellaganda.com and found out that the hosting contract with “Ella Rose delos Santos” or “Ellaganda” has been terminated since December 2008″ Duh? If it was “terminated” since Dec. 2008, why has www.ellaganda.com able to post the alleged libelous blog last Oct. 2009? So who has the accurate information now?

As a blogger, I feel for her. Do you think freedom of speech can still be exercised in this country — even in a free platform such as blogging?

Bloggers, unite! Make some noise. Defend your rights.

Legacy: what will be yours is up to you

By now, we already know that the Filipinos are mourning with the death of our former President Cory Aquino. Let me add my thoughts on top of the thousand bloggers that already expressed theirs.

Let’s talk about legacy, shall we.

Legacy, in my opinion, is so powerful it can affect the lives of others even after we die. And legacy is something that we normally don’t plan. For most people, legacy is not a one shot deal, it’s not created by a single event in their life. A lasting legacy is created by the kind of life you live. It is the series of decisions we made, right or wrong, that form part of our legacy.

Good or bad, our legacy affects our love ones, our community, or even a whole generation. Think about Jose Rizal and Hitler and Billy Graham (still alive) and Michael Jackson. Each of them left (or will leave) a legacy that has affected us.

President Cory was not the best president that we had. She’s not extra ordinary. Not a brilliant economist or a strong military leader.

Rather, she is known for her love for peace, her passion for democracy.

We did not become a tiger economy during her term, but because of her determination and right choices, we were able to grow the economy from being at its worse after the dictatorship.

She was known to be the “least corrupt” president. No hidden bank accounts, no AMARI scandals, no jueteng scandals, no ZTE scandals. Money maybe important, but it wasn’t her god.

She was honest. She know where she stands. She knows her weaknesses and admits it.

She was humble and didn’t even know it. I hate to make this blog a political one, but I can’t help but compare her to our sitting president. Yesterday, I watched her last SONA on YouTube and there was some very significant differences with GMA’s “last”. Let me share some:

Cory: “I accept the criticisms poured on me painful as they are as part and parcel of the hazards of public service.”
GMA (current president):  “To my critics… don’t pussy foot”

Cory: “Next year, I will step down… Maraming salamat sa inyong lahat, at paalam”
GMA: “After I step down from this platform, I’M STILL THE PRESIDENT” (As if we don’t know that!)

Legacy. What will be Cory’s? What will be Gloria’s? What will be yours?

The kind of legacy that we will leave when we die is the choice that we can make while we’re still alive.

Katrina Halili and Hayden Kho sex scandal

Ok, I’m sorry to have disappointed you. I’m obviously just riding on some Google juice. I don’t have the link to that famous sex scandal that you’re looking for. Sorry. But now that you’re here, can you click on some of my other blog posts? :D

And, also, let me just say, too, that while is really cool to download that video, in the long run it won’t help you. I know that, because I’m a man myself. I know how our minds work. The images will play in our heads and it will mess you up.

I know people are angry at Hayden Kho for this stupid thing that he did. You can show your anger by not downloading the video of this freak.

Ako Mismo… hindi i-dadownload ang sex video nila Katrina Halili at Hayden Kho.