IBuild relaunched

We are relaunching IBuildPro as an international service. Two years ago, we launched it as a Philippine based low-cost web development alternative. While we received great reviews and established a client base, marketing locally has been a pain. Probably, due to the fact that the local web industry isn’t ready yet.

We’re hoping for the best this time. While there are competitions — in fact, a lot of them — I believe we’re at par. And the price is competitive, too! Check it out, if you will.

The email war begins

First, Google shocks the world — 1 GB of email space. Seems incredible? Not quite! Then Yahoo! Mail increased their previously 4 MB of spare to 100 MB and 1 GB for paid subscribers — enough to hold the current subscribers for a while. Now comes the closest competitor, Microsoft’s Hotmail, who will offer 250 MB for regular users and 2GB for paid. All because of Google. ;)

Corrections: Thanks to Fernando. I was notified that Yahoo paid service actually gives out 2 GB not 1 GB.

Goodbye Movable Type, Welcome WordPress!

I’m leaving Movable Type for WordPress. There are several reasons why I have to move:

1. Movable Type is moving towards paid service. While there is still a cut down version, the new release is being licensed, which of course isn’t a good future for updates.
2. Since I’m more of a PHP programer than a Perl guru, there is very little flexibility under MT (which, as MT the users know, is written in Perl). And since WordPress is written in PHP, I can do pretty much whatever I want. I can even contribute to the community thru plug-ins.
3. The “rebuilding…” system on MT is really annoying. Especially when you change a look — it simply gives the blogger a real hard time in doing things. Not with WordPress. It’s dynamic.

So, here’s my new site, powered by WordPress. There has been some tweeks applied to the code so I’m stil on the beta version. I also changed the tagline from “…everything under the SON” to “Better than life!” You’ll know later why the change :)