Martin’s excuse

First of all, let me state where I am as a Filipino on this issue: Martin Nievera did really well in singing our National Anthem during the Paquiao-Hatton fight in Las Vegas, Nevada. As a Filipino, seeing him sing the anthem with class, with passion and with energy — it makes me proud.

The guy is under tremendous pressure right now as some think he did our anthem injustice when he created an arrangement that is, according them, against what the law prescribed.

Well, it’s just me, but I simply think that we all need to grow up.

Now, having said that, I don’t think Martin needs to make an alibi for doing his choice of arrangement. But in today’s column at Philippine Star, he does seem to make one. This time, he said, it was Robin, his eldest son’s mistake. Or something like that. Oh, well, not really blaming his kid. Nonetheless, I don’t think it’s really needed.

In my opinion, let’s just leave the guy alone. He kicked Sir Tom Jones’ ass during that night. It’s enough for me.

“Gusto kong bumaet, pero di ko magawa”

While conceptualizing for a message I will deliver at Grace Place on May 17 for our “In the Grip of Grace” series, I reviewed a pinoy hip hop song “Gusto kong bumaet” by hip hop group Death Threat. I’m not the hip hop type, but because of it’s popularity, the song does ring in my head.

I’m amazed with the profoundness of the lyrics. These guys are theologians in their own rights. Read the partial lyrics below, then read Romans 7.

Gusto kong bumait pero hindi ko magawa
Kaya ngayo’y pumapatak ang aking mga luha
Tahimik ako’y nako-konsyensa
Sa mata ng ama
Ako’y isang itim na tupa
Ang kasalanan
Lagi ko ng iniiwasan
Pero di sya naalis
Ayaw nya kong lubayan
Bakit kaya ako laging sumasabit
Parating nagiinit


Gusto kong bumaet pero di ko magawa.

Listen via Youtube. Full lyrics here.

How will your 2009 go?

A lot are predicting the worst for 2009. The economy in decline, jobs are going down the drain. In times like these, wisdom such as that of Steve Larsen, veteran CEO and currently co-founder of Krugle is a sure encouragement:

“I think the doom and gloom crowd are getting too much airtime. Look for opportunities. Difficult times are when they’ll most likely occur. When we’re at ‘steady state’ and things are normal, good opportunities are much harder to find with GREAT opportunities nearly impossible. It is during periods of tumult and transition when you can spot things that lead to the greatest returns—if you are alert. So be alert.”

Be paid as you blog

A friend of mine told me he was hired to blog in a network. Hired, as in he is going to be paid for every post he makes. Earning through blogging isnt new to me. But what I know of is to have your blog(s) earn through Adsense. Receiving payments through your posts is something new. I decided to explore the possibilities.

I Googled for keywords. Lo and behold, I found a service called Pay Per Post. Its like a meeting place for bloggers and advertisers. What it does is to have the bloggers review their products and services, post it to their blogs and get paid for doing it. I thought, Ive been doing this for free since I started blogging. Why not get paid for doing it? What I normally do is review some really good websites that I think people can benefit from and blog about it. Being paid to do it is a plus!

Bloggers, why dont you try Pay Per Post. Sign up, open a Paypal account (yeah, if youre a Pinoy, Paypal is finally open here in the country. The fees will be deposited to your paypal account) and start blogging for fun and get paid for doing it.