The Da Vinci Code : the facts behind the fiction

I was never bothered of the impact on Christians of the top selling fiction “The Da Vinci Code” authored by Dan Brown. Not until just a few weeks ago when a friend of mine, a “hard hitting” disciple of Jesus, was made to believe that it is possible that Jesus could have married because it is an ancient Jewish tradition that a leader should be married. And just yesterday, during a conversation with another Christian friend, he interestingly and excitedly shared with me his “discoveries” on Christian history. And as I thought, it all came from that fiction.

I think this is the right time to make ourselves be prepared for inquiries regarding the authenticity of the supposed “facts” presented by Brown. And, as the book continuously remain on top of National Bookstore’s best seller list (last time I checked was today), we can assume that a lot of our fellow Christians are being deceived for thinking that the fiction is a fact.

Here’re some reasons why you need to know how to defend the historic Christian doctrines against the attack of the Da Vinci Code:

* Jesus is the main character of the New Testament. If Jesus really had a wife, why would the Bible mention Peter having parents-in-law and not mentioning this very important detail on Jesus’ life? This will make the historical accuracy of the Bible doubtful.

* If Jesus was just “proclaimed” as God by 4th century church fathers, then I’ve been believing in a lie all along. And a lie cannot save. Where will I base my salvation on?

* If the Bible was just “compiled” by some people to manipulate the church, where will I base my faith?

Guys, this is serious. We’re talking about our faith here. So be ready to defend it. Here’re some articles for your equipping.
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