Prophecy, Papacy or Christ — where’s your focus on?

Here are some honest, from-the-heart questions to my friends from the church where, while I’m no longer a part of, I still love and honor:

While you’re very passionate about your eschatology — the prophecy, the Sunday law, the Pope and the supposed visit to the US as the the fulfilment of it — how’s your Christology? How’s your relationship with Jesus?

I’m not talking about whether you believe in God — it’s generic. It’s very easy to hide behind the generic “God” term and feel religious. No, I’m talking about your personal relationship with the God-man Jesus Christ.

I’m not talking about whether you believe you’re secured because you’re part of the “true church”. No, I’m talking about whether you’re secured in Jesus’s salvation if God decides to end your life today.

How’s your personal relationship with Jesus today? Who are you in Him when no one is looking?

If you evaluate your life in the past and how it is lived right now — you look at the prophecies, the Pope, the anticipation of Sunday Law, or Jesus Christ — where do you think your life have been focused on?
And most especially, where do you plan to focus on for the remainder of your life here on earth?

My prayer is that you focus on Jesus. You grow in your personal relationship with him daily. Let the noise of the present world or the future that quite honestly, only God really knows, not bother you. Be still in Jesus. Everything else — neither the present nor the future — doesn’t really matter if you’re with Him.

Easter Sunday — it’s for you whether you like it or not


IF YOU’RE A FOLLOWER OF JESUS, there will be times in your life where you’ll feel troubled, burdened, even depressed. Remember however, that your savior is not dead. He is alive today — loving you, caring for you and walking with you through hard times.

IF YOU’RE SORT OF A FOLLOWER OF JESUS, remember that Jesus is alive today, he’s not a joke. He demands full commitment, not half-heartedness. Either you follow him or not at all. If he’s truly alive today, you should take that seriously.

IF YOU’RE NOT A FOLLOWER OF JESUS, what we celebrate today also affects your life. You might want to consider, if what we claim is not true, we’re just a bunch of lunatic. And with the rest of the people who lived from 2000 years ago, you have the right to laugh at us. However, if what we believe truly happened — that our Master has risen from the dead, it has eternal implications. He claims that he is the way, the truth and the life, and that no one comes to the father except through him. You then have to decide whether to believe him or not.

ABS-CBN’s T-Shirts are misrepresenting Pope Francis

I’m not part of Pope Francis’ organization, but I know enough about Roman Catholic doctrines to say that these ABS-CBN produced t-shirts are misrepresenting him. They probably get so excited  about his visit that they tried to produce catchy phrases that are supposed to represent his message. But nope, my Roman Catholic friends, Pope Francis didn’t say “No Religion…” just for the sake of embracing diversity. Or didn’t say be passive about the wrongdoings of your fellowmen in the  name of “acceptance”.

And even if he did say this, Jesus will disagree. He grew up a Jew and was the founder of Christianity. He was so exclusive that he even said he is the only way, the truth and the life, that no one comes to the father except through him. So let’s embrace diversity. But don’t use religion.

And yes, Jesus also did say it’s ok to judge. It’s in the Bible. ;)

“Book of Eli” : not a love story but…

book-of-eli-afm-poster-full.jpg&t=1&h=274&w=184&usg=__up5WFukyx-EkB9V7c2jyJbWqafs= … if you are inspired by, changed through and your life has made a turn around because of the Bible, then you’ll fall in-love with this movie. It’s an action film. Not great, as in “Borne…” great. But behind the action scenes, the passion for The Book is very evident.

Makes me think: we’re a blessed generation. We have hundreds of Bible versions with millions of copies in the market. And, through (were LifeChurch Makati is networked), considered as the most innovative church in the US — and in my opinion the most generous — they have made The Bible even more accessible — for free! — through Now you can read the Bible through the internet or through your phones.

Very accessible more than ever. But where is our Bibles today? In the altars? In your bags — to protect you from “harms and dangers?”

You will never experience the power of the Book if you’re not going to be passionate about reading it and putting it in your hearts. It has changed my life, it has inspired me to walk with God and it has guided me through difficult situations in life. My experience is identical with millions who decided to make the Bible part of their lives.

And you can experience this, too. Grab your Bible and start reading it. If you don’t have one, go ahead and go to, choose a version you’re most comfortable with and start reading online.

Don’t wait for the time when the Bible is nowhere to be found.