You’ve Got to Know

March 26, 2007 (back issue)
You’ve Got To Know
Prudy Verzo


If one thing is very important and you don’t know how to get it, will you want to know how? Like a free drink offered in a mall, or a free car in a sweepstakes? What about your eternity? If what beyond this life can offer is important, will you want to know how? You’ve got to know!

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Podcast: Water to Wine

April 29, 2007
Miracles 3: Water to Wine
Prudy Verzo

[audio:] Have you ever had expectations that went unmet? Perhaps you’re dealing with some now. Is it wrong to be disappointed? Is it okay to want God to make things better? Take a closer look at how God always meets our needs … but may not always meet our expectations.

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Podcast: Calming the Storm

For the sake of a about 2 people who visits my blog, I’m going to post Sunday messages at Grace Place starting today. I hope this will be a blessing to all.

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April 15, 2007
Miracles 1: Calming the storm
Prudy Verzo

[audio:] When there is a storm in our lives, we pray for God to remove it. But He wants to “improve it”. This is how He fulfills His purpose and leads us to greater faith. Begin to understand why, when faced with a trial or a storm, we should be joyful instead of fearful. He is building perseverance and bringing us blessings we cannot even imagine.

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