THE BLOGGER EVENT: LifeChurch Makati launch

Hi fellow blogger!

Let me personally invite you to a special blogger event that I’m hoping to pull off next week, May 16, 2010, Sunday.

So, here’s the thing: I’m part of the launching team of a new church called LifeChurch Makati. It’s a new kind of church because not only its a non-denominational, non-sectarian organization, the method that’s going to be used is different from your typical Sunday church. For one, the teaching part will come directly from our partner church in the US, on video. Of course, you’ll have a live worship band, only the worship will be “a notch higher”.Habakkuk-Series-BLOGGER.jpg

It’s really a different Sunday experience. That’s the reason why we want to have as much people to experience it, evaluate and share the word out. That’s why I’m inviting you.

I’m a blogger myself and I know how bloggers think. We want to share our good, even bad experiences to our audience through our blogs. I’m thinking that if you can heed to my invitation, you can experience this event and write about it in your blogs.

Some possible questions that you may have:


The experience, and FREE LUNCH! :D To show gratitude for you covering the event, there will be a lunch especially for bloggers who covered the event. This is also going to be a great time for us to know each other and see the real face behind the avatar :D That will happen at Max’s Restaurant, Ground Floor of Glorietta 3 right after the event.


Of course! The church is not denomination/”religion” specific. Anyone can come.


You can bring your cameras if you want. We just request that you turn of the flash during the event itself (which, I know you know, is a standard procedure.)


Twitter is micro-blogging. So, you’re a blogger :D You’re also invited.

This Sunday event happens right after the national election. I know we’re all tired of the same things we hear and see for the past 3 months. So this is the best time to refresh, hear a new and inspiring thing, and write about something other than politics :D So, I’d like to invite you to come. And pass on this link to other bloggers you know.

Click the “Attending” button, and on the event itself, please tell the people manning the welcome table that you’re a blogger and attending the blogger event. If you have other questions, you can ask here.

Thank you for reading :D

Confirm your attendance here at the Facebook event page.

Date: Sunday, May 16, 2010
Time: 10:30am – 12:30pm
Location: Glorietta 4, Cinema 4
City/Town: Makati, Philippines

Breaking the rules

Breaking the rules — not the moral or the civil laws of the land — but the rules that dictate the way we do things. The box where we are all in. Craig Groeschel, in his book “It”, page 98,99, says:

Most of the greatest spiritual innovators throughout history were people who broke the rules… When you try something new in ministry most people will tell you that your idea will never work… Innovation by definition will not be accepted at first. It takes repeat attempts, endless demonstrations, monotonous rehearsals before innovation can be accepted and internalized by an organization. This requires courageous patience. If you have a God idea, you must be brave enough to go with it. Break some rules.

This Sunday marks the start of “breaking rules” for LifeChurch Makati. We’re going to break some rules in doing church here in the Philippines. If you’re interested to know what it is, check us out on our first preview service at Glorieta 4, Cinema 4 this Sunday, February 21. You’re invited to observe and experience.


Global Leadership Summit notes: Wayne Cordeiro

I knew Wayne Cordeiro from his sermon podcasts from his church at Hawaii — New Hope. I know he was down-to-earth funny yet speaks from the heart and very good at challenging his audience to act out what was learned. That’s what I expected, and I received even more.

I just feel that what he talked about is exactly what I need as one of the leaders at Grace Place — at this very moment, in this season of my life. He talked from his experience as pioneering leader at his church and how burnout has almost robbed him of the joy of continuos service to God. I believe he has a corresponding book about this talk — Leading on Empty.

Here’s my talk notes of Wayne Cordeiro’s talk at the Leadership Summit:

Wayne Cordeiro – session 2Wayne-Cordeiro-photo.jpg

– teach what you know, but ultimately you reproduce what you are

– we don’t forget that we’re pastors and leaders. we forget we’re humans

– there will be time that you will hit the wall

– suffering will change you, but not necessary for the better. you must choose that

– you can suffer incorrectly

– or, you can suffer according to the will of god.

– when everything is going right, we feel invincible

– you can’t keep burning a lamp and not refuel it

– 85% of what you do, anybody can do

– 10% of what you do, someone can be trained to do

– 5% of what you do, nobody else can do

– only I can be a husband to my wife

– only i can be a dad to my children

– only i can grow my relationship with God

– only i can keep myself healthy

– in the end God will not hold you accountable for what you have done. He will hold you accountable for how much of what you have to do you have done

– you might be doing the wrong assignment

– what’s your 5%?

– when you’re clear headed and close to God, write down your 5%

– when you are down in the valley, look at those list.

– Jer. 17:16

– greatness does not happen in a day, but it happens daily

– if you don’t feed your soul, you can be doing the work of God and starve yourself.

– you can be a dead leader running

– rest can give you traction in life

– you can do ministry without a soul

– your attitude is your barometer if you soul is present

– your first most important decision in life is to follow Jesus. The second most important decision in your life is your attitude when you follow Jesus.

Global Leadership Summit notes: Bill Hybels

Last Saturday, Kuya Prudy and I was able to catch Bill Hybels and Wayne Cordiero live at CCF for the Manila leg of the Global Leadership Summit. To say that it’s inspiring to hear these two great leaders is an understatement.

I’m going to share my talk notes, beginning with Bill Hybels:

Bill Hybels – session 1bill_hybels_2_3.jpg

– Act 2:42

-there was a time in history that there was a community of believers radically devoted to God, so devoted to one another that they call themselves brothers and sisters and will die in each others arms during persecution

– they prayed bold prayers, God did amazing things

– people wanted inside that community because of what’s happening IN that community

– what happened in the 1st century can happen in the 20th century. The holy spirit hasn’t weaken over the centuries

– build a biblically functioning community or DIE TRYING.

– when we’re starting Willow Creek Community Church, we don’t have money, so we sold tomatoes

– we planned, and thought they will come by the hundreds, but then came in 10s or 20s and 30s

– we cleaned the theater for other people’s vomit

– I have doubts, and thought of the other life (as a businessman) that I should have.

– if we stick out with the acts 2 dream, we can change the community

– leaders have to believe it in their core

– the local church is the hope of the world

– be willing to set aside your career plans

– be fully surrendered into the acts 2 dream

– if the church will function like acts 2, it should be well led

Misrepresenting Willow Creek

I’m disrupting the regular Life 2.0 programming to give way to a very important official statement from Willow Creek Association
. If you are a church planter or an evangelical, you probably have heard of “seeker sensitive model” in doing church. Recently, Willow Creek released their REVEAL project that summarizes the failures of churches (not just those of the seeker-sensitive model) to lead people to become fully devoted followers of Jesus. Unfortunately, misrepresentations and misinterpretations of Bill Hybel’s statements are circulating in print and the blogsphere. They use these statements and the survey to prove that the seeker-sensitive model is a failure. Here’s the complete statement: Continue reading Misrepresenting Willow Creek