The power of partnerships

Partnership is God’s idea.

When God instituted marriage at creation, he said that it is not good for man to be alone. He created the woman to partner with the man.

In your spiritual life, God designed it that everyone should be part of a spiritual family called the local church. If you’re just a church goer and not really living life with your church family, you’re missing a lot!

In business, I’m learning these days that partnerships should not be disregarded. The reality is, we don’t know it all, and we can’t do it all. A project may need multiple technologies, and we can only offer one. The best solution is to partner with another company — which we formerly consider as a competitor — and, instead of compete, we cooperate.

Bottom line: the cliche “No man is an island” rings loud and clear on me these days. It’s humbling to understand that we’re not perfect, we don’t know everything, and we need each other to compliment each other’s weaknesses.

Monday morning mind dump

Ok, I need to do this. Free the mind. Do fresh things after.

* Guitarchic has Pinkseo. GannsDeen has Superblessed. The relunctant leader has the accidental missionary. I always wondered why popular bloggers have to maintain two blogs at the same time. Until a word came out, I forgot from whom, from Yuga, I guess — niche. I’ve been learning this from leadership books and forgot to apply in my blog. Life 2.0, being a “personal” blog is chapsuey. It has everything in it — personal life, theology, technology, work related posts. I am trying to win everyone, I’m winning no one :D Anyway, I’ll make this as some kind of experiment. I’m going to divide my blog into two. I’m activating my blog and name it “it’“. While the title said it, it’s actually going to be about some personal stuff. Call it mushy, light, mind dumps. Life 2.0, this blog, on the other hand will contain some hard, call it impersonal stuff. Politics, current events, theology, technology. See if it works out. I’m going to cross link the two blogs to reference those who are interested of the other.

* I’m so loving jQuery. In my opinion, if maximized, it can be a great tool for programmer-designer collaboration.

* Happyslip is releasing a DVD? Man, YouTube superstars are really getting a career out of their videos!