Thought for the day (a product of lunch break chats):

“The World Trade Center tragedy will never happen here in the Philippines. Because before a plane ever crash a building, it will first have to go though … BILLBOARDS.”

Tall as the buildings …

Now, after the storm, where art thou.

Ang Bagong Pinoy Movement

Boogie Boydon of Ang Bagong Pinoy movement (mailing list, website) emailed me this morning after finding out about New Philippines Movement, the online movement I started after the 2004 elections. NPM did not really fly as I expected. I realized that I could not spend more time and energy on top of what I’ve giving to family, church and work. It’s good to hear, though, that a similar group with a same purpose of finding good in The Pinoy and hoping for a better Philippines is active.

God bless your efforts, kabayan.

Pinoy, International.

Unknowingly to some, there are Filipino artists already shining internationally. Here’re a couple:

Kathleen de Leon, Hi-5 host
I am a babysitter-dad in the morning. As soon as Johann wakes up, I’d bring him downstairs, walk a couple of streets, go back and watch his favorite shows on Nick Jr. (Nickelodeon’s block time for pre-schoolers). Aside from “Dora the Explorer” and “Blue’s Clues”, Johann is also enjoying “Hi-5“, an Australian kid’s show filled with music and learnings.

The show has five hosts. One of them is Kathleen de Leon. The first time I saw her on TV, I knew that she has Filipino blood. When I saw her name flashed on screen, the more I realized that. “de Leon” may be a Spanish or Mexican sounding last name, but who would name their daughter “Kathleen” — certainly not Spanish parents — but only Pinoys. :D I confirmed this when, in one of their shows, the hosts wore the flags as their outfit. One wore an Australian flag, another a New Zealand flag. Kathleen wore a Philippine flag. Go, girl!

Mig Ayesa of Rockstar: INXS
Mig, I heard from the news belongs to the Legarda clan (related to Atty. Katrina Legarda). He was born here in Manila but is now based in London. He was a finalist in the recently concluded CBS American-Idol-style reality show Rockstar:INXS. It’s a search for the new lead singer for rock band INXS.

I saw the finals. He did a great job singing “Bohemian Rhapsody”. I just think the song is simply too hard for him. The other two sang a relatively easier song but rocks. The contest was eventually won by a Canadian singer J.D.

Nonetheless, he made his country proud.