American Idol Renaldo Lapuz a YouTube hit

If you caught last week’s American Idol audition, one guy made a dent — Nevada-based Pinoy Renaldo Lapuz. His own composition and audition piece “We’re Brothers Forever” is an instant YouTube hit. Not only did the clips of that segment flooded the search, there are also lots of remix. And they’re pretty good! Simon’s prediction of this guy and his song being a hit is coming true. American Idol has found a new William Hung. :D

Some remix that you’ll find interesting:

We’re Brothers Forever Remix By Youtube User Nexxion – my favorite
I am your brother – Amazing Remix – American idol 7
We’re Brothers Forever (IdolDance2k8) – Remix!
Renaldo Lapuz – We Are Brothers Forever (JUSTiNB Remix)
American Idol – We’re Brothers Forever DANCE MIX