Johann’s dedication

Johann was dedicated last Sunday. It was a cool celebration. In fact, it was Mommy and Daddy who enjoyed the party. Johann was just “going with the flow”, never smiled, as the visitors pinched, kissed and carried him. Sure, it’s a tiring experience for the baby.

Will be posting some pictures of the event later.


Johann is 4 months old today — and sick. For the first time. He has cough and colds. He’s not suppose to get sick until 6 months (according to the doctor) since he still got his mom’s “immune system” active in his body plus he’s being breast fed. But it seems like the virus hits real hard. The owner of the virus? The daddy.

I’m not really used to taking care of my health. I wanted to, but it’s just not in my system. I would have my self soaked with rain, sleep late at night, eat whatever I want — well, except those I didn’t grow up eating. Last weekend, I had colds myself and had to rest Friday from work (I worked only for 4 hours). I’m not really bothered at all — until Joy felt sick last Sunday and then, Johann yesterday. Joy’s fine now, but my son … man, he’s coughing and sneezing as I type this. It’s breaking my heart.

Bad daddy.

Quick round up

It’s Miriam Anqui’s birthday today. Happy birthday, Miriam!

* * *

I’m currently communicating with Ian of Omega Discipleship Ministries based in Australia. His materials, as I review some from his website, is really easy to implement. I like his “Come to me” material for seekers — basic gospel, that is. We are already implementing a gospel series we call “Grace Series” but we found it too technical and most fitted for a group of people who are already interested in the Bible. I am hoping this one is not and can reach out for those who don’t really care but will really care if only they knew.

* * *

Two weeks ago was my best friend’s wedding — no, not the movie, but my best friend from college, Ardison Bernardo. Congrats, bro!

The wedding was held in our alma mater’s church, Philippine International Church (of Seventh-day Adventists) in Silang, Cavite. And since we’re already near the beautiful Tagaytay City, Joy, Johann and I decided to pass by Picnic Grove. I’ll post some of our really cool pictures later.