Bloggers unite! – blogger Ella Ganda faces libel for being “too concerned”

In the midst of the Ondoy rush last year, one blogger made it to the lime light: Ella delos Reyes a.k.a “Ella Ganda” as her blog is named.

Philippine Daily Inquirer reports:

(DSWD Sec.) Cabral asked the NBI last year to investigate the identity of the blogger after reading a blog entry entitled “Aanhin pa ang damo kung patay na ang kabayo (What good is help that comes if it is too late),” posted on ‘Blog ni Ella’ on Oct. 21, 2009.

The former social welfare secretary claimed the blog entry contained “malicious imputations against her, the Department of Social Welfare and Development, and its employees.”

“The article alluded that she and the DSWD employees are corrupt, having diverted donated goods for personal gain at the expense of the typhoon victims and downright incompetent,” the NBI said in its referral.

A few things:

– I saw the blog during its height. There’s nothing libelous about it. The blogger stood with nothing to gain — other than the unsolicited fame the blog resulted from. If there was anything Ella was about during that time, she was sincerely bothered by the fact that people were hungry and homeless and without clothes and the government doesn’t seem to care.

– Sec. Cabral has an onion skin. As the saying goes, “If you can’t stand the heat, get out of the kitchen”

– This sends a chilling effect on bloggers. Blogging — and social networks — as we now know, is the future of media. It may not be as formal as the print or even TV, but I will argue that it’s the fastest and even more accurate source of information nowadays. Just take a look, for instance, on this report from PDI. It says, “It also checked with the hosting company of the domain name and found out that the hosting contract with “Ella Rose delos Santos” or “Ellaganda” has been terminated since December 2008″ Duh? If it was “terminated” since Dec. 2008, why has able to post the alleged libelous blog last Oct. 2009? So who has the accurate information now?

As a blogger, I feel for her. Do you think freedom of speech can still be exercised in this country — even in a free platform such as blogging?

Bloggers, unite! Make some noise. Defend your rights.

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Katrina Halili and Hayden Kho sex scandal

Ok, I’m sorry to have disappointed you. I’m obviously just riding on some Google juice. I don’t have the link to that famous sex scandal that you’re looking for. Sorry. But now that you’re here, can you click on some of my other blog posts? :D

And, also, let me just say, too, that while is really cool to download that video, in the long run it won’t help you. I know that, because I’m a man myself. I know how our minds work. The images will play in our heads and it will mess you up.

I know people are angry at Hayden Kho for this stupid thing that he did. You can show your anger by not downloading the video of this freak.

Ako Mismo… hindi i-dadownload ang sex video nila Katrina Halili at Hayden Kho.

Happyslip is home!

Happyslip, one of the most popular YouTube personalities, is home. A Filipino-American who grew up in the US, she’s never been to the Philippines where her parents were born. (Incidentally, her dad came from my home province Nueva Ecija, so I learned).

Christine a.k.a. happyslip is popular for her humorous videos depicting mostly of her Filipino family heritage. I’m a fan, the lady is down -to-earth funny. For the first time, though, she cries on video. Guess being home is overwhelming, eh.

She’ll be traveling across the archipelago with the Department of Tourism. I just think that this is the wittiest promotional activity that the government has done so far. Imagine millions of YouTube viewers across the globe (translation: potential tourists) watching her as she tours around the wonderful tourist destinations.