#OneWord2015: Consistency

For the past 2 years, it has been my practice to think about my “one word focus” for the year.

“Focus”, not “Resolution”. Resolutions are meant to be broken come February.

Just one word. Not 10, or 5 or even 2. Just one. I’m a simply guy. I need simple and dumb. One is simple. Simple is easy to follow.

Last year 2014, my one word was “Go“. I wanted to pursue new things with complete trust in what God has in stored for me. As a result, we’ve launched LifeChurch Makati in its new location at the Holiday Inn & Suites Manila. That’s one new and, honestly, scary thing to pursue. But God is good.

Professionally, I’ve also started a new facet in my professional life. New work habit, new client, and learned new technologies.

* * *

This year, my one word focus is consistency.

I’m a guy that starts fast and furious with so much passion. But I’m the embodiment of a Filipino trait called “Ningas Kugon”. (Can somebody translate that to us in English? :D ). I would start well, but following through has been my issue.

So, this year, with God’s grace, I want to focus on consistency.

Professionally, I want to be consistent. I want to properly manage my time to be able to effectively beat deadlines and have more margin for other great personal projects I’ve started last year.

At church — my passion to see more people come to Christ — as we’ve laid down the foundations for LifeChurch Makati last year, I want to see consistency. I want to see myself following through what we have planned for this year.

At home, I want to consistently make my bride my priority and the kids be given full attention, love and guidance.

So, consistency. Let’s see how I’m going to evaluate myself come January, 2016.

What’s your One Word Focus for 2015?