Typhoon Ruby is what life is like

We’re almost there. Almost done with Typhoon “Ruby” (international name, “Hagupit”). As I contemplate on what happened in the past 3 days, I realized that typhoon Ruby, or any other storms are just like life:

In life, you will experience storms. It’s not a matter IF, it’s a matter of WHEN.

In life, sometimes, the hardships seem endless. But really, it’s not. Its just passing through and sunlight is soon to dawn.

In life, there really is no reason for us to not be prepared for an up coming problem and storm. Our parents and/or friends sometimes knew when a storm is about to hit. Sometimes because they’ve been there, or it’s just pure wisdom. Are you going listen? Or pride will sink you out? Our survival depends on how we respond to early warning from the people that love us.

In a typhoon, the “eye” is calm. In life, even if we’re in the very “eye of the storm”, we can still be calm if we know that there’s someone stronger than our problems control the storm. For most people, including myself, that person is Jesus. Even in the midst of a painful situation, Jesus’ life, death and resurrection is an assurance that there is so much bigger than my pains in life. And that gives me assurance and peace.

In life, storms can make you stronger to face bigger storms.

In life, picking up the pieces and starting all over again is probably the hardest but most fulfilling task. There is always hope for a new beginning.