BeeGees is for my dad as Eraserheads is for me

Sad to hear the news today that Robin Gibb, one third of the popular BeeGees 70's group passed away today. I'm a fan of their music. I'm not that old, but at least I know my dad loves this group the way I loved Eraserheads. However, you'll know the greatness of one's music if they would cross over several generations. It crossed over mine. Their music has been 'cloned', rearranged, adopted by several present time musicians. What makes a good music is simple — the poetic lyrics and dynamic melody, both present in the BeeGees.

In late 2004, I had a date with my dad. I brought him to Robin Gibb's concert at the Araneta Coliseum. I saw how my dad enjoyed that night. If there was already Twitter or Facebook back then, I might have tweeted, "Papa is clapping like crazy! :D" (I wish Johann will bring me to an Eraserheads reunion concert 25 years from now :D )

So long, Robin.