God is unfair

While meditating on Craig Groeschel’s message at LifeChurch Makati last Easter Sunday, I posted a simple yet profound question on Facebook. I said, “God is not fair, don’t you think so?” And sure, I did receive some very personal, very interesting and others, heartbreaking responses. Check out the link to see what I’m talking about. 

I promised to share my thoughts on this subject, so here it goes.

When we see good people suffering and the bad living their full life, when we see a child rapped, when a town is devastated by natural calamities, when innocent people are killed by some lunatic, when your brother or a parent die of cancer even if you prayed your heart out, when you lost your job, when you don’t feel like you deserve what’s going on in your life — we question God, “Are you fair?” Why are these bad things happen to good people?

Craig admitted with honesty and sincerity, that he doesn’t hold all the answers and wouldn’t want to try to give absolute answers. True enough, who can? Can we really explain? 

However, he offer possible answers based on God’s Word itself. Some, “maybe’s” that we can think of.

When bad things happen to good people…

1. Maybe you’re just a victim of a fallen world. The reality is, the world we live in is sick. It’s dying. In this world, the Bible says, you will face troubles. It guarantees that we do, because we live in a sin-sick world. Why do our love ones get sick, and eventually die? Why would somebody hurt us even if we do good things to them? It’s not your fault. It’s just that we live in a sin filled world and we become victims of it.

2. Maybe it’s a direct result of your sin. We would ask God why he allowed us to be financially messed up? Because probably, you loaned a car, a house and purchased the newest iPad even if your income cannot support it. Why wouldn’t your children love you? Maybe because you were out most of the time. Sometimes, we suffer because it is a direct result of our own sin.

3. Maybe God has something bigger in mind. I was watching this not-so-good Gerald Butler movie (and yes, we kinda saw that just because it’s a Gerald Butler movie) called “Machine Gun Preacher”. In that part of the movie when he gave his life to God, you would probably rejoice already. But then, right after that, he got laid off as a carpenter and his house got destroyed by a storm. You would think, why would that happen to him considering that those events happen right after he committed his life to God? Isn’t that unfair? But then, because of those two events in his life, a door opened up for him to start his own construction business. When something seems unfair, maybe God is doing something else for your benefit.

But here’s the bottom line. Asking the question “Why bad things happen to good people” is a flawed question in the first place. The right question is “Why good things happen to bad people”. 

The reality is, in the eyes to a holy God, all of us are bad. We are all sinners. And if God is fair, he would have given what our sins deserve. Because he is UNFAIR, he gave us what we do not deserve — love, care, blessings. And for those who accepted Christ as their savior, he gave salvation — we don’t deserve it, we didn’t earn it, we CAN’T earn it, and yet he gave it anyway. 

Mercy is God NOT giving us what we deserve.

Grace is God giving us what we DO NOT serve.

God is UNFAIR.

Here’s a clip of Craig’s message last Sunday…