Sen. Saguisag: Have the senators prejudged Atty. Vit Aguirre?

HAVE the senators prejudged Atty. Vit Aguirre? If they punish him, they will have approved of Sen. Miriam’s arguable misconduct and show it as a model for all to follow. A fair inquiry may show that she might have been guilty of disorderly conduct herself. Were I well, and with the prosecution, I might have taken exception so my apos won’t think: “Si Lolo pala, gago, sabi ni ang galing Senadora Miriam.” Aray.

Sentenced to jail for calling Macoy a super-subversive in early 1983, and told to apologize, I said, “Your Honor, I have been advised to say sorry. I won’t. A weekend in jail? A low price to pay for the high privilege of sharing the suffering of our unhappy Motherland.” Earlier fined fifty pesos for saying the court was getting militarized, I pulled out a hundred-peso bill and said, “I’ll gladly pay it, can I say something more for another fifty pesos?” Good manners, right conduct, urbanidad and breeding come to mind as part of our training in Mendiola.

-Rene Saquisag

(Lifted from MLQ3's Tumblr post)