Communication lessons from the ultra viral KONY 2012 video

Yep, I’m late, but I finally saw the super viral KONY 2012 — I’m probably the 85th million to see this.

I’m not going to deal with the details, but I took notice of some related information about effective communication.

1. To get people into action, you need to effectively communicate the problem. They did that.

2. Effective communication starts with the heart first, then the facts.

3. People loves to be empowered. Give them the tools and with effective vision communication, they will use it.

4. Starting a movement requires passionate leaders. People listen when there is passion.

Now, I’m not saying KONY 2012 is something that I support. That’s not my point in this blog. In fact, I think this thing is massively wrong. It is, however, a very effective communication and marketing strategy.