What are we, a bunch of radio commentators?

We’re all devastated by the sight of people who died and was affected by the recent typhoon that hit Northern Mindanao. While I’ve seen really kind hearted people using the internet for good, most just use it as venue to criticize.

All the finger pointing won’t help at this point. Let’s stop criticizing the President or PAGASA for what happened in Mindanao. Let’s just stop talking and grab our wallets and help Sendong’s victims.

Choose your agency: Redcross, ABS-CBN Sagip Kapamilya, GMA Kapuso, TV5 Kapatid Foundation, Operation Blessing (our family’s choice NGO http://www.obphil.com/v2/page/p/mindanao-needs-you — it has a credit card facility, if you have the capability, you don’t have any reason not to help). Whatever it is, let’s just act. 

What’s saddens me more is that tragedies like this reflect our character as a nation. Last night was the worst: we even knit picked on an actress’ innocent tweet to have a chance to criticize the President? What are we now, a bunch of radio commentators? I don’t know what to say. 


Act. Now. Stop. Talking.