Projects I’m proud of :

Every once in a while, we're able to work on some exciting, not your typical website/webapp project. Let's call this my "Projects I'm proud of" list.

Just recently, TV5 approached us to work on an ambitious project. It is unique, in a sense that I I have never seen anything like that done in the past. The concept is simple but the technology behind it is not.

TV5 is about to launch a new tv show hosted by Aga Muhlach. Pinoy Explorer, as I heard, brings Aga to different places. And to hype up this show, they launched a site called The concept: people will guess Aga's first destination (hence, "NasaanSiAga?"). They will tweet their answers together with the hashtag #nasaansiaga. But that's not all. While people are tweeting, the website collates the Twitter thumbnails of those who participated in, transforms it into photo mosaic on top of a portion of the flag of the location where Aga's first destination. As the number of tweets goes closer to 10,000, the flag is revealed little by little. All happening on-the-fly. Sort of (we update it every 10 minutes). 

As of writing, the flag is on 14.1%. And with all those Twitter thumbnails photo-mosiac'ed, man — what a beautiful sight.

I'm not sure if I'm ok to reveal the technology behind this. Not while it is running, I guess. But definitely, no Flash technology involved. All heavy weight PHP, Linux, cron jobs and Twitter API programming.

Carlo Ople, TV5's new media head, calls this "mission: impossible". I'd say, it probably is. Before the cool dudes at TV5 and TeamSparrow pulled this thing off ;)