On Steve Jobs resignation and leadership


If you are an Apple fanboy (like me) and you woke up today with the news that Apple rockstar and visionary Steve Jobs has resigned his post as CEO of the company, I know you're disheartened (err.. like me). 

Jobs has revolutionized the way we see tech gadgets. He's a charismatic leader, a visionary. If he'll ask all Apple fanboys to jump off the cliff so he'll tell them the next big gadget, everyone will follow.  

I'm exaggerating, of course, but looking at how Apple gained grounds in the last decades because of his leadership, I think that description is not far from the reality.

He has resigned, the Apple community is disheartened, and Apple stocks are down by 5% today. Who knows how further the stocks will react to this news in the next couple of days more.

My thoughts on his resignation from where I'm coming from as an entrepreneur and an "idiotes" leader of an organization:

1. While Jobs has made Apple strong almost single handedly, all organizations will have to come to reality that everyone has an "expiration date". No leader can lead forever. And to build an organization around a leader might be a mistake that can be felt when the leader leaves the organization. This is

2. This is my case for personality-driven leadership vs. vision-driven leadership. In my opinion, an organization that has built their organization around a strong vision and mission can better withstand the time and storm of its life.

3. I think Steve Jobs is a great leader. And as a great leader, his leadership can be further acknowledged on how he has positioned others to succeed, how he has driven a vision for his company and how the community and members of the organization will respond to the vision and not with the person.