Meeting THE Arnold Gamboa

Before reading below, read this first: I’m not THE Arnold Gamboa

Facebook has done wonders — it has changed the way we interact and has brought high school classmates, old friends and even fans and celebrities together.
So, when fans of the 70s hit group Apat na Sikat member Arnold Gamboa started emailing me on Facebook and messaging me on Twitter thinking that I’m THE ONE, I started to look for the real guy on Facebook. And we eventually become Facebook “friends”.
Today, together with Joy and Josh, I finally met the guy who made me famous among my teachers growing up. Who made “name recall” a tool for my advantage.

I’m technically not a fan, he quit showbiz even before I started watching TV — my mom is, no wonder she named me after him.

But I am NOW! The guy is so friendly, so accommodating. So down to earth and humble, you’ll never trace any hint that he’s one of the few who dominated Philippine showbiz back in his time.

We encouraged him to go back to showbiz. Seriously, if you’ll see him in person, you’ll know that he’ll give Gabby Concepcion or Albert Martinez the run for their money. And with his fanbase still intact, I’m sure it’s going to be an easy ride up. Of course, it’s not an easy thing to do, I guess. He’s currently an executive at a prime hotel, who would want to exchange that with the ugly reality of showbiz tsismis. But then, once an actor, always an actor. So who knows! :D

Thanks, Kuya Not for your kindness and for accommodating us. Thanks for the breakfast. Sa uulitin. :D

Mama, these pictures are for you. Hehehe…