You don’t have to be first to be the best


The recent admittance of Friendster that we have a Facebook world and bowing down in the social media war means you don't have to be first to be the best.

There was a time that innovation is what its needed to succeed. Be the first to launch a unique product, be the original in the field — research and development is your best friend — and you're famous and rich.

But there is also times like today where you don't have to be first to be the best. You can get an idea, improve it and be the best in that field. You pick up what's cool, place in some more colors and functions and features. See how more people can appreciate yours than the original.

That's what happened to Facebook. Friendster started it all. They are the first to offer social networking. Let's give them credit for that. But young Zuckerberg knows he can do better, old Friendster never improved. And, as they say, the rest is history.

I must admit I'm not an innovator. Just just not me. I'm not creative enough to be original. I'm a very technical, systems guy. I get excited when I see a product and thinks I can improve it. I can't be original, and I'm cool with that. I can't create, but I can fix. And yes, we do grab an idea or two from existing products, but we take it to another level. We improve the idea. And we may not be the best, yet — but that's the direction we're taking.

So the next time you get frustrated for not being the first thing to think about a cool idea, there's hope.