Who brought Willie Revillame down?

Quick summary: Willie Revillame is a popular and controversial game show host. He has been controversial before. But his latest controversy is the alleged mistreatment of a "Willing Willie" March 12 episode where he was seen making fun of a 6-year old kid while dancing in what is perceived to be inappropriate. The video was posted on YouTube, Facebook and other social media. An avalanche of accusations of "child abuse" and exploitation of the poor came from all angles on the internet — from blogs to Facebook to Twitter. Government agencies such as the DSWD, MTRCB, CHR followed suit condemning the act. 

Because of pressure, advertisers started to pull out of the show, until last night, it has almost none. While Revillame blamed everyone else on Facebook, Twitter and YouTube except him, the real reason while he's stopping for 2 weeks is simple: there were no sponsors to pay for the bills. It's a business decision first and foremost and secondly, in my opinion, to defuse whatever the MTRCB will come up with next week. 

He went down — at least for 2 weeks (according to him) — and he fell hard.

Let's get to the bottom line: Who brought Willie Revillame down?

Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, Blogs — the social media — brought him down.

The middle class that uses social media brought him down.

The advertisers who know that the middle class has the purchasing power brought him down.

His arrogance against the middle class brought him down. 

He brought himself down.

Lesson? Do not insult the intelligence of the middle class. We know that the issue is about. However he tries to make this a class war, we know that this is not being for or against the poor. This is for decency in our society. This is protection against those who are being exploited. And this is standing for what we believe is right.