To my Adventist friends – an invitation to a symposium with Atty. John Tulio : The Tipping Points of Grace


If you grew up in an Adventist community in the 90s, you know the Tulios — and some of you probably know Atty. John Tulio. He's become a mentor to a lot of Adventists, including myself, in terms of revisiting our belief system and focusing on God's grace. He has written several materials, which includes "Basic 10", a group study guide on the basics of the gospel and grace. Just recently, he finished and released "Tipping Points of Grace: Age old dogmas re-exammined."

He's currently here in the Philippines for a short ministry visit. We're planning to sponsor a symposium where he will discuss the "Tipping points". 

You may have a lot of questions in mind about the Sabbath, the Investigative Judgement, Immortality of the Soul, on Ellen White and other "pillars of faith". You sincerely want to know the "other side of the coin". This is a great time to hear and inquire about those things in an open, friendly environment.

We're planning to have it this Saturday afternoon at 2 pm. Depending on the number of attendees, it can be held at Tiara Oriental Hotel in Makati City or in a room in a San Juan condo. So, if you're interested to join, please let me know by indicating in the comments. Pass the word around too. The more, the merrier. (If we'll hit 20, we'll probably be able to use a more comfortable place at Tiara Hotel).

So in summary:

I'm inviting you and your friends to a symposium:

Speaker: Atty. John Tulio
Topic: Tipping Points of Grace
Date and time: This Saturday, April 20, 2 pm
Venue: Makati or San Juan (Depending on the number of attendees)

See you there!