Selling my Apple babies: iMac and MacBook

Change work routine and working style requires change of tools. So, I’m selling my twin babies: my 2008 20″ iMac and my 2nd gen Macbook to get a single machine (a 15″ MacBook Pro).

2nd gen Mac book
Serial number: 4H645DS1WGK
Upgraded to 1.25GB memory
Specs: Intel Core 2 Do, 1.83 GHz
Current installed OS: Leopard (1.5.8)
Selling price: P21,000 (Neg) 

20″ iMac
Serial number: W88072MBX85
Upgraded to 3GB memory
Specs: Intel Core 2 Duo, 2 GHz
Current installed OS: Snow Leopard (actually, I will prefer to have this reformatted upon turnover ;) )
Selling price:  P36,000 (Neg)
Note: If you’ll notice in the picture the keyboard is not the original. I still have the original, I just had to use a more ergonomically designed keyboard for ease of typing.

If you are interested, please leave a message below, or email me at arnold.gamboa[at] Thanks!