Pinoy Technopreneur at Asia Pacific College

I had a privilege of sharing some thoughts about technology and entrepreneurship with the graduating students at Asia Pacific College today through the invitation of online friend and professor Boogie Boydon. Being away from classroom for 14 years and be back for an hour is an exciting experience. Along with my short story on why I am doing what I'm doing now, I shared a couple of principles that may probably help them after graduation.

1. Be weird. Because normal is not working. Normal is Friday night out with friends. Weird is staying home studying new technologies and listening to podcasts. Normal is being employed. Weird is trying the hard way of being your own boss. Normal is going abroad. Weird is staying home and be an entrepreneur. While I do not have anything against being employed and going abroad, being "normal" doesn't produce extra-ordinary results. Being weird, on the other hand, is doing something different to produce a different set of results.

2. If you know who you are, you'll know what to do. Entrepreneurship is not for everyone. The field of technology is huge. Early on, explore. But find out about your passion, your gifts and specific interests. If  you find it early on, pursue it. Focus on it. Do your best to be the best in that field. If you know who you are, you'll know what to do. If you don't know who you are, you'll just jump from doing one thing to another without being fulfilled. 

I do hope I was able to inspire a kid or two. :D

PS. If you attend LifeChurch Makati, you know by now that those principles aren't my original. These are spiritual principles taught by Craig Groeschel transposed to speak to the students' needs. ;) This is just a way of saying that what you hear on Sunday can really be incorporated into your life from Monday to Saturday.