Philippine bloggers’ association?

The talk of Philippine blogsphere town these days is the proposed "national bloggers' association". Janette Toral ( and Tonyo Cruz started the proposal. As a blogger myself, and since they've been asking for opinions regarding this matter, here's mine — it's sweet and simple:

Anyone has the right to start an organization. Anyone is free to join any organization. I might even join one. Janette and Tonyo, therefore, are welcome to start an advocacy with their organization. Or Abe Olandres, or Carlo Ople can start their own bloggers' association, too, for that matter. This is just a way of saying that any organization can be built to help achieve a mission an pursue a vision.

Having said that, while anyone is free to start an organization, no one has the right to represent anyone — or any blogger — that are not part of their organization. If they will start going around telling companies and the government that their sentiment is the sentiment of the entire blogging community here in the country, that's just going beyond what any blogging association should do. I just feel that, with the kind of dynamics and diversity, it's impossible for a single organization to represent the entire blogging community — even if they'll just try to find common grounds among bloggers, as Tonyo Cruz said. They can, however, represent their members. But definitely should not include the entire community. It's a simple principle but has a huge impact in the way it can be used in the daily course of business.

My 2 cents.