There is no limits?

I had a nice Twitter exchange with a good online friend and fellow technopreneur John Arce. John is very young, but at his age, he already has accomplished so much. He's a leader of a huge online organization of web enthusiasts and leads his own company. I see great future with this young man. I used to tell my wife that at John's age, I was busy running after her. :D

Today, John twitted, "There is no limits!", to which I teased him saying "Dude, that's a nice cliche. Nice to hear. But, sorry to burst the bubble, there are limits. :D" He responded saying that it's just for positive mindset in breaking the barriers and reaching your greatest potential. I actually know where he's coming from. He's a driven person.

While what I told him was in jest, there is truth to heart to what I said. Self-help books and motivational speakers will tell us there is no limits to what we can accomplish — our mind is the only limiting factor. So think positive! 

There is some truth to that. But not quite. Because in reality there are limits to what we can accomplish.
  • We only have 24 hours a day. We we need to sleep, otherwise, our body naturally breaks down.
  • We don't know what the future will bring. Did anybody ever see that the US economy will collapse and therefore loose your long standing clients? We certainly did not see that coming.
  • Our minds do have limits. All of us are wired differently. My mind may be best functioning logically, but creatively? My mind struggle.
  • Our physical strength has limits. On the average, we only live 60 to 80 years. Abuse your body and you'll slash that by a decade.
So, yes, there are limits to what we can do and achieve. 

Based on my little experience in life — with all my successes and failures, with my current challenges and future struggles — the best mindset is this: Know your limits. Be aware of those limits. That way, you can bring to God, who is without limit, those things that you don't have control over. Instead of trusting your own will power, mind and ability, trust in a higher power, bigger than you, smarter than you, powerful that you. Then be excited for what God can do through you.