Philippines would have been like Singapore now if under the Marcoses?

In connection with the 25th year celebration of EDSA People Power 1, Senator Bongbong Marcos issued a very bold statement yesterday: the Philippines would have been like Singapore economically should EDSA 1 did not happen. He further said that his father has great plans for the Philippines back then.

I understand Sen. Marcos. We're talking about his family and their legacy. He should fight for it. But with all due respect to the good senator, I think we should stick to history:

– Back then, everything is chaotic. 
– Economy is at all time low.
– Corruption is a way of life.
– The martial law was a failure. Human rights violations are not found in any law books.
– Plus, every body knows that his dad was very sick and dying.

So, I can't understand what's Sen. Marcos' basis for saying this. EDSA 1 might have failed us in a lot of ways, but couldn't we agree that we're better off without a dictator?