Perry Noble: the Awesome Theology

GOD – He’s awesome!

JESUS – See above…same person

HOLY SPIRIT – See above…same person

SALVATION – It’s awesome, includes the package deal off all three above, which are really one…but they are three…but one…uh…

MANKIND – We suck (translation, we’re not awesome!)

END TIMES – It’s going to be awesome (and people who try to predict it are stupid!)

CREATION – It was awesome, then mankind, who sucks, messed it up and have been doing so ever since.  BUT…one day God is going to make it awesome again!

SIN – People think it’s awesome, but it sucks…but God saves us from it, which is awesome!

THE BIBLE – It is a story about a God who is awesome!

There you go…probably will not be quoted in a lot of theological articles…but it works for me!  :-)

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