Marketing tips from Justin Bieber

I assume you're not a Justin Bieber fan. If you are, then I'm probably reaching the wrong segment ;)

First time I heard about Justin Bieber is not through his music. It is when everyone on Twitter is making fun of him for being a consistent trending topic for weeks. He even made Twitter change the trending topic algorithm just so it wouldn't be exploited.

The kid is, I heard, an international phenomenon now. He's got young girls shouting his name. Makes me think about Menudo. (Yes, I'm 35 years old!)

And now he's got a movie. I am laughing about that movie until I started reading a lot of good reviews from internet marketing blogs today. 

Here's a good read from Blist Marketing: Justin Bieber – Internet Marketing Guru.

Makes me want to really watch this movie. Not sure if I'll consider this for a date movie with my wife. Maybe I'll just see this one afternoon instead of working — it's a work-related research anyway. *wink*

So, technopreneurs, are you watching the Justin Bieber movie? What about making this a group activity? LOL! 
  • Brandon Yanofsky

    Thanks for the shout out Arnold. Appreciate it.

  • Anonymous

    Great blog you got there. I actually subscribed now to your feed. ;)

  • Brandon Yanofsky

    Awesome. Do you have a way to subscribe to your feed by email?

  • Anonymous

    This place that you commented is actually some sort of my “dumping” place where I post everything from my other blogs — from professional, personal, spiritual, politics and almost everything :D. Not sure if its a good practice, but since this is my oldest blog, I kinda don’t want to loose it :) I do have more targeted blogs. One of which is my personal brand/entrepreneurship blog – If you want to subscribe through email, that’s where you can find it.

    Thanks. Your blog is really helpful as I’m actually just starting to learn social media marketing.

  • Brandon Yanofsky

    Let me know if you have any questions about social media.