Johann: “Why an old car, dad?”

My 6-year old son asked me today, “Dad, why do we have an old car? Can
we buy a new, big car?” (Maybe he’s pertaining to his cousins’ new big
car Hyundai Tucson).

I wanted to tell him, “Son, you see, our net assets / monthly net
income cannot accomodate another big monthly ammortization such as a a
new, big car. Besides, I don’t think spending more for a big car is
good stewardship of what God has entrusted to us. So, for now, until
God tells us so, let’s settle for our 2000 Toyota Corolla. It fits
you, your sister and your mom. And as a bonus, it’s not hot in the
eyes of carnappers — have you been watching the news lately? Promise,
I’ll take care of this because I’ll pass this on to you 12 years from
now. ”

I can’t tell him that, so I just said, “Sorry, son, we can’t. “

  • Anonymous

    That was a nice story.. hope you can buy your son a new and big car when he is the right age. = )

    April Cobb
    Car Donation
    Make a Wish Foundation