Your zodiac signs might have changed. Should you care?

I saw Karen Davila's "Headstart" on ANC today. The basic question is, your zodiac signs might have changed, should you care?

I don't. And here's why.

1. Even with the change, mine still falls on a Taurus. *grin*

2. Some people say Astronomy affects your character. I'd say, Astronomy is NOT a recognized science. It's for the least entertainment and at the most, a hoax. If you want to know your personality, there are more recognized scientific approach to do that. Take the "temperament inventory" evaluation, for a start.

3. My argument against Astrology is summed up by Ms.Davila's twitter follower when he said, I don't believe in Astronomy. I believe in God and he alone can realign our lives. 

Zodiac signs are fun. It should stay that way. If it starts to make you think its actually real, it's like you believing that professional wrestling (like WWE) is real. The men who watch wrestling knows what I'm talking about.