Saturday night mind dump, Sunday edition

Typing from the car wash, here's my Saturday night mind dump, Sunday edition. :D
  • I can't believe today's the 21st and last day of our fast at LifeChurch. I'll try to blog separately about my experience, the learnings and the blessings I received during the fast.
  • If there's one thing that I prayed for over and over during the fast — it's "influence".
  • The first 3 months was crazy for me and my team at TeamSparrow. God's been really good — a lot of doors have been opened. We're off to a good start this year. 
  • Our first web app project this year — dubbed "BenBeans" — is on track. I'm just praying that we don't get derailed because of the outsourced projects. It's a tension  I need to manage — we need the outsourced projects, it's our bread and butter. But we also need to get started and launch this exciting web app very soon!
  • It's going to be a crazy week this week. Meetings, meetings and meetings. One dating site for a client will launch on Wednesday.
  • We're blessed with a free entrance to the Dolphin show at Araneta Center today. Thanks to our dear friend Troy — ang taong lobo. :D He was the host of the show. Johann and Arwen enjoyed the time — Johann participated and even had the dolphin kiss him. While the kids enjoyed, I had a feeling that Kuya Prudy and Joy enjoyed it more. LOL!
  • Today at LifeChurch Makati, we started a brand new series called, "I Quit". Craig talked about how to quit making excuses. Powerful message. Very practical and Biblical. If we say we can't change, we're insulting the God of the universe — the all powerful, life-giving God who is capable of doing anything including helping us to change.
  • Next week is equally powerful — "I Quit Complaining". I'm praying to be able to invite someone to LifeChurch next week.
  • That's all folks. Car's clean. :D