Safe is dangerous

“Safe” is when you dwell on your comfort zone because — well, it is safe and you are comfortable with being safe. Little did you know that by staying long enough in that zone, you’ll soon stand on dangerous grounds.

“Safe” is when you stopped pushing yourself to the limit because you are afraid of not knowing what will happen if you do.

“Safe” is when you…
  • feel comfortable with what you know about your job. You do not try to improve. Time will come, you’ll stand on dangerous ground — everybody will be ahead of you.
  • stay as an employee even if you feel you have the entrepreneurial spirit, because it’s much safer to just receive your monthly salary. Time will come, you’ll stand on dangerous ground — you’ll get burned out and start to hate your job.
  • refuse to try out new things — new approach to dealing with people, or introducing a new product and invest —  for fear of failing.
Step out of your comfort zones! Feel the discomfort. Feel the pressure. Stretch your limits.
  • start learning new skills that will improve you professionally
  • if you feel that you are gifted with that entrepreneurial spirit, go for it! Plan for that business venture! Start looking for funds. Start reading books and magazines about becoming an entrepreneur.
  • try new things. Be vulnerable and be ready to fail, for in failing we learn how tosucceed.
Feel that holy discomfort. When you’re always safe, you’re in danger.