Productivity tools: Springloops

I'll be featuring some of the tools that me and my team are using. Most of these are for collaboration and are web applications. Let me start with our code versioning tool, Springloops.

For almost 5 years, my team never used any versioning tools. CSV and SVN are, in my mind, not needed and I never cared. Until we had problem managing over a hundred thousand line of codes for a huge website we're maintaining back then. Imagine the horor of overwrites, misupdates and misuploads my 20+ team members produce. So we decided to give Subversion a try. We installed an in-house svn server that worked for a while but we couldn't keep up with it for one reason or another. Until we found out about Springloops.

There's a bunch of other code management web applications out there like Codebase and Beanstalk. All, including Springloops allows you to manage your project codes through your team's SVN, CSV or Git. The killer factor for Springloops would be the Deploy feature — where you'll be able to deploy your code to any servers through ftp/s, and the price. It's the combination that matters. Beanstalk's a bit expensive with it's 25 open projects, Codebase lets you pay extra to have Deploy. With Springloops, we pay $19/mo. for 25 open projects. We've already maxed it out, but Springloops allows you to inactivate some projects so you can add more. We have about 50+ projects being managed currently at Springloops. Works well for the team! And with version 2 coming up, they're adding a new ticketing system. Yey!