I love my wife very max

I don't take Revicon Max. But I like the advocacy. Plus, the models are, if I'm not mistaken, the daughter and son-in-law of CCF pastor Peter Tanchi who mentored me (not personally but 'from a distance') when I was growing in faith.

This is an advocacy about the Filipino man.

The Filipino male is born and bred in a culture that is of Hispanic origin. Naturally, the values he learns are of this culture — the macho attitude, the inability to express himself in an affectionate manner, the fear of being tagged as unmanly.

Add to that the problem caused by the absence of father figures or male models. The OFW phenomenon, this short-term savior of the country's economy, has long term, cataclysmic sociological impact.

Trying to be a better man, to become understanding and sensitive to the needs of women, is so counter-culture, it's like swimming upstream.

It is the ache of the people behind this movement to help him.

We are enlisting men who can come forward and model the right values. We sincerely hope that there are many who can proclaim love for their wives in so bold a fashion as to enlist in the movement.

Advice, wisdom from older, wiser, experienced people. Even from those whose marriages have failed and who have learned from their experience.

We ask women and single folks to join, to provide insights and experiences that can be of help to the Filipino male.

This Facebook Page is the online headquarters of the movement. We join by clicking "Like".

Please share this page with all your friends, married or "in a relationship".

God bless the generation that comes after us.