How to grow professionally

Dan Schawbel shares 3 very basic and straight-forward things on how to grow professionally.

1. Challenge yourself. If you feel comfortable doing your current job, then you aren't pushing yourself hard enough. The more you challenge yourself, the more you can learn, grow, and become more valuable. 

2. Stay relevant. What's the last new thing you learned? Get caught up on what's going on in your industry. Subscribe to new blogs, news websites, and even magazines. This way, you will know the trends, resources, and new technologies that are shaping your industry. Your knowledge will help you do your job better.

3. Reach out to new people. Try to connect with at least one new person each day. By getting in this habit, you will start to grow your network, and thus have more opportunities. Make your life one giant networking event. This has been one of my goals this year. Starting this month, I'll try to attend technology, business and informal meet ups within my industry. Not really an easy thing to do because of my personality, but sure it's going to stretch me to grow more as a person, an entrepreneur and an individual.