Facebook taggers – giving the dose of their own medicine

I'm sure all of us have been annoyed by birthday tags, high school reunion tags, paid events tags on Facebook. It shows in our Facebook photos and it's ugly!

So, based on Carlo Ople's blog post and on my conversation with Evan, here's a simple but really cool idea.

Admittedly, there are some tags that you like to receive, but if you feel that a Facebook tag is a spam, click the image above, download the larger version, upload to your Facebook photo album. Whenever someone spams you, tag them back with this image! Two things will happen:

1. The spammer's friends will know they are Facebook tag spammers :D
2. It will somehow educate them that Facebook tagging is not cool. Obviously, its a new thing and some people think it's cool when its not.
3. Bonus — we're "viral marketing" Carlo's blog *wink*.

Go, download the image and tag away. LOL!